Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hammer Time or Harem Time: A Trend Too Late or The Edge of Glory?

The Journey:

Every weekday on my way home from work I transfer subways at Union Square, a crossroads pressed beneath the Flatiron District and just north of the Village. It is here that colorful groups of New York’s fashionable youth gather to commute at practically all hours of the day, and it is here that I discovered the Harem Pant.

What is it and where can I find it? Could I pull that off?

It looked comfy and fashion friendly, but could something I have seen so rarely really be trending (I asked rather pompously to myself)? Perhaps these slouchy drop-crotch trousers are meant only for late 80s rap singers, belly dancers and the likes of Gaga. However, the challenge was clear; I had to have my own fierce and fashionable pair of Homme Harems.   

With so many questions and so little time I enlisted the help from my fashionisto friend and self-proclaimed SoHo Savant, Travis. He was familiar with the pants, had some ideas and was up for the challenge. First stop, he insisted… Patricia Field.

If you aren’t aware of this store, much like myself at the time, then I am happy to introduce you to this kitschy club kid haven! Patricia Field won an Emmy for her stylist role for the Sex and the City stars…including many of Carries most quirky and beloved outfits. Check out Field’s online store here.. you may be surprised with the prices. 

While Patricia Field lived up to the hype it failed to produce a harem. However it did suggest the nearby NoLIta (North of Little Italy) boutique OAK. Ah the Nolita/bowery, my favorite neighborhoods, where the romantic grit of old New York still rang true - surely home to my harem.
Williamsburg, Park Slope & NoLIta

The store was on the edge of fashion’s most funky grayscale garments, and when I presented my search to the cold and meticulously groomed associate he smugly made his way to the backroom to investigate options. It was at this point that my wallet began to whisper worrisome woes, can I afford such couture? If a store were to have a harem, it would be this one, but was I too late…had the trend passed me by, or worse yet was it going to come at too high a cost?

It was ironically relieving when the associate returned with the bad news that the harem, or drop-crotch, was all sold out. My wallet almost sighed in relief until I came across a Miansai bracelet by Michael Saiger **mine**. However, the harem remained elusive.

I tried the retail regulars: Zara, AX, Uniqlo, Bloomingdales, Mango, but to no avail. Then, at the very moment before I gave up all hope and returned to Brooklyn, I saw it, the one place that should have been all too obvious... 

The go-to for all things cotton, the overpriced but in reasonable range, the store for hipsters that shower regularly….

American Apparel ($40) #winning!    

My adventure had taken me through much of lower manhattan, to retail hell even.... and the answer was so simple (and happily affordable).

I eventually traveled back to Patricia Field's and purchased a pair of utilitarian boots... they are perfect for the harem and a great investment piece. At $30 they were well worth it + a super comfy scoop T-shirt from All Saints = perfection! 

The results are below, along with some inspiration, and I must admit that I am happy with the new look, well worth the adventure. I hope my journey has inspired you to find a look and go after it, relish the adventure and make the look your own!

Until next time Blog Buddies, enjoy, and let me know your thoughts on my new look



  1. Love your outfit! Very simple, yet elegant! =)


  2. i don't know dude..... i just don't know. still not sure i can condone these pants....

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  4. nice outfit!