Sunday, June 26, 2011

A White Collar Post

As temperatures rise and days grow longer, wardrobe preference and design invariably favor the lighter shades of the color spectrum. This season, the lightest color (or lack thereof) on the wheel has successfully infiltrated the spring and summer runways as well as the closets of the most sartorially inclined. Head to toe white is promptly surfacing as an exercise in contradictions: feminine and masculine, modern and traditional, a bohemian spring and a winter apparition. Eradicate pigmented dyes from your style this summer with bleached blonde locks, ethereal nail colors, and angelic eye dust. Despite channeling the more disciplined of the two swans, dance to your own rhythm, coloring your style with the brilliant hues of individuality.

Tara Pearl earrings, French Connection necklace, Express top, Wörn jeans, thrifted headband turned bracelet, thrifted shoes, Mesissa jelly flats

Rachel McAdams 
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Re: Who Wears Short Shorts?

Excellent response Ken! Short shorts have happily infiltrated casual menswear on the Gold Coast as well. The fashion phenomenon is in full swing in the Palm Beaches where resort collections are always in vogue and a cropped pant is worn year round. It is on the island of affluence that short shorts are making their mainstream debut, traditionally paired with a button-up shirt or smart polo.

Another summer staple, swimwear, has also steadily crept up the thigh.. As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami 2011 recently illustrated, bright colors and playful prints are expected to permeate the beaches yet again this summer. A word of advice to those contemplating the appropriate beachwear length of the season:  As one travels further south toward Ft. Lauderdale and Miami Beach, the inseams become noticeably shorter and the colors and prints strikingly louder.....

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who Wears Short Shorts?

 Ross Schell 


As you can tell, prep school is having a Summer session, and it isn't those salmon colored chinos from J.Crew. Try to think more British prep school: navy and khaki to keep it classy and fashionable with a bright colored, neon even, top. Rachel is 100% right that nerdy is far more fashionable than the go-to frat-boy-polo and Croakies. These short shorts make you look taller and show off those calves. However, dont be afraid of the cargo with a cuff (these aren't the cargos you find at Abercrombie). Keep these above the knee...the thinner the thigh the higher you can go. Tree trunks may want to stay closer to the knee cap but still above (this goes for all short shorts).

The skinny jeans went to war the last few seasons and came back home the skinny short. These Levi 511 shorts are comfy and should make your ass look great. Not just for hipsters anymore, these shorts can be paired with a white short sleeve button up for a classic and clean look or a nice stripped button down with sleeves rolled. WARNING: if skinny jeans weren't good for you, these wont be much better. 

If you aren't ready to show that much leg, or your legs don't quite do the skinny or short short thing, then keep it simple. Keep your short above your knees in length, and you'll be on your way to a more fashionable you. 

For those that are really ready for a change and can pull it off, let your freak flag fly... experiment with fabric, pleats and colors (no patchwork). If it was in style from 1994-2007, keep it in the closet.

I hope this helps, Ross.    



Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Short Problem With Tom Ford -- a Shoe Solution

It's hard not to listen to the chic and apparently "chival" Tom Ford's fashion advice, but I'm not ready to join his legion of modern gentlemen.  This last March, Ford outlined his requirements for today's gentleman, amongst them: holding a Lady's coat, "making sure she walks on the inside of the street," and NO SHORTS OR FLIP FLOPS in the city. Well Mr. Ford, I'm willing to look past your rather sexist and dated idea of chivalry (for today), and I agree that flip flops are best for a sandy terrain, but I will not stand for your denouncing of the urban short pant - shorts. If I am to survive a summer weekend in the city, and no we don't all go to the Hamptons, then I will not go without my favorite new short shorts from Topman.

The problem is.... if I am to forgo my friendly flip flops, what new shoe to showcase with my sexy new short shorts?!

Here is how the city responds, and how I respond to the city.

Sperry Top-Sider: A/O 2 Eye Salt Washed $70

Top-Siders are a classic and comfortable option and come in all the pastels for summer. They are low profile and simple, yet scream Kennedy. For those hipsters trying to look a bit more clean cut, I've seen a few of your kind tossing the frisbee in central park's sheep's meadow with the more "Williamsburg" option below.

Sperry Top-Siders Bahama Chukka $70
The higher top is a little more gutsy, but they look great for those with a longer leg. Others will be jealously whispering, "I wish I could pull those off with shorts" - I know I do.

Don't buy these online. They are an in person must.

I saw these on the L train, of course, and they struck me as a prefect option for the truly fashion forward hipster...perhaps even an option that Tom Ford would suggest with shorts. I suggest a slightly worn look, and an even more worn penny (if you dare). 

$44- $68 plus a pair forced upon a small child in Africa
If Tom Ford even thought this was an option he would have added it to his list of ungentlemanly things to wear (as do I).  Sure, wear these to a picnic or the beach, if you must, but there is no place for them in the city nor on this blog. If you want to stick out in the crowd, if you want to be comfortable walking the miles of concrete in the city, do yourself a favor and go ahead and send your pair of toms to Africa too....we aren't in college anymore. 

Alright blog buddies, I hope this was helpful.... let me know your thoughts for shoes with shorts in the city by commenting below. 



Monday, June 13, 2011

he said she said

I recently decided to do away with most of my hair. I was inspired by the pixie cuts of fashion's elite and an equally enticing desire to set myself apart from the long-haired Brazilian beauties of South Florida and the buxom blondes of the Midwest. As my stylist sheared my hair past the point of no return, I tried to maintain my blasé façade and was vehement in my attempt not to think about whether my face looked rounder and thus fatter as a result. After the snipping ceased and American Crew Fiber was raked through my newly sheared tresses, my first thought was of the striking resemblance I now bore to my brother, Jordan. The second was that my khaki pant/ nautical blue striped shirt combo had just lost its ranking as a smart style staple.

In order to preserve a bit of the sex appeal that now lay on the floor of the styling suite, I knew that I had to amp up my fashion selections by way of dramatic earrings, vibrant make-up, and vividly patterned miniskirts.I had never had so much fun with fashion experimentation. Each outfit looked strikingly different with my newly shorn mane and begged for unique accessories and details that highlighted my feminine attributes. My new obsession with femininity was initially exciting but eventually became somewhat of a hindrance. I came to feel as though I was dressing for others rather than myself. It was as if I were shouting to the world "I know that I have short hair, but I'm still a girl! See?!"

Slowly, I began to allow pants to re-infiltrate my wardrobe selection and even incorporated flats into my office attire. To my surprise, instead of feeling boyish, I felt even more feminine! Suddenly, my khaki pants and striped shirt looked utterly fab paired with my bare face and mussed locks. I felt unconquerable;  my look was appealing and unsettling in the same breath. I had unlocked for myself the mysterious allure of androgyny which has been discovered and rediscovered again in times past.This liberation is neither masculine nor feminine but a blur of the happenings in between. Nowhere near revolutionary, this reoccurring trend sparks the fascination of style mavens with each generation. As we look to the past, we see reflections of ourselves in the familiar revolt from the expectations and institutions of the time. Now, it is our turn to to smudge the lines between the feminine and the masculine to create our own unique legacy in fashion history.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, thrifted shirt, Swarovski bracelet, the boyfriend's tie and jeans, Tretorn sneakers.

I actually bought Samuel this robot tie for Christmas several years ago with Ken's help. Somehow, it made its way into my closet several months ago. I'm not complaining.

Interview Magazine September 2008, Rad by Rad Hourani Collection #2

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Walk a Mile in My Moccasins

Feeling fringy in a thrifted necklace, Lucca Couture dress, H&M bag, and r2 sandals. The bracelet was a gift from Ken. 

This season's beading and fringe trends are right on point with my latest obsession: Native America. An Oklahoma native with a bit of Choctaw ancestry, I am unusually partial to bobbles and prints which express the values and customs of America's native peoples. The detail and craftsmanship found in these items are exquisite and unusually apparent. They represent strength and a connection to Mother Earth. In essence, the wearer of these sartorially special pieces is transformed: a child of the earth, a Native American princess, queen of the stars.....

Lissy Dawn (LissyDawn) on Etsy
Naeem Khan Autumn/ Winter 2011
Lookbook 212
Isabel Marant Fall 2011 RTW, Adam Fall 2011
Vogue Spain April 2011
More Khan '11