Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Short Problem With Tom Ford -- a Shoe Solution

It's hard not to listen to the chic and apparently "chival" Tom Ford's fashion advice, but I'm not ready to join his legion of modern gentlemen.  This last March, Ford outlined his requirements for today's gentleman, amongst them: holding a Lady's coat, "making sure she walks on the inside of the street," and NO SHORTS OR FLIP FLOPS in the city. Well Mr. Ford, I'm willing to look past your rather sexist and dated idea of chivalry (for today), and I agree that flip flops are best for a sandy terrain, but I will not stand for your denouncing of the urban short pant - shorts. If I am to survive a summer weekend in the city, and no we don't all go to the Hamptons, then I will not go without my favorite new short shorts from Topman.

The problem is.... if I am to forgo my friendly flip flops, what new shoe to showcase with my sexy new short shorts?!

Here is how the city responds, and how I respond to the city.

Sperry Top-Sider: A/O 2 Eye Salt Washed $70

Top-Siders are a classic and comfortable option and come in all the pastels for summer. They are low profile and simple, yet scream Kennedy. For those hipsters trying to look a bit more clean cut, I've seen a few of your kind tossing the frisbee in central park's sheep's meadow with the more "Williamsburg" option below.

Sperry Top-Siders Bahama Chukka $70
The higher top is a little more gutsy, but they look great for those with a longer leg. Others will be jealously whispering, "I wish I could pull those off with shorts" - I know I do.

Don't buy these online. They are an in person must.

I saw these on the L train, of course, and they struck me as a prefect option for the truly fashion forward hipster...perhaps even an option that Tom Ford would suggest with shorts. I suggest a slightly worn look, and an even more worn penny (if you dare). 

$44- $68 plus a pair forced upon a small child in Africa
If Tom Ford even thought this was an option he would have added it to his list of ungentlemanly things to wear (as do I).  Sure, wear these to a picnic or the beach, if you must, but there is no place for them in the city nor on this blog. If you want to stick out in the crowd, if you want to be comfortable walking the miles of concrete in the city, do yourself a favor and go ahead and send your pair of toms to Africa too....we aren't in college anymore. 

Alright blog buddies, I hope this was helpful.... let me know your thoughts for shoes with shorts in the city by commenting below. 



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