Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who Wears Short Shorts?

 Ross Schell 


As you can tell, prep school is having a Summer session, and it isn't those salmon colored chinos from J.Crew. Try to think more British prep school: navy and khaki to keep it classy and fashionable with a bright colored, neon even, top. Rachel is 100% right that nerdy is far more fashionable than the go-to frat-boy-polo and Croakies. These short shorts make you look taller and show off those calves. However, dont be afraid of the cargo with a cuff (these aren't the cargos you find at Abercrombie). Keep these above the knee...the thinner the thigh the higher you can go. Tree trunks may want to stay closer to the knee cap but still above (this goes for all short shorts).

The skinny jeans went to war the last few seasons and came back home the skinny short. These Levi 511 shorts are comfy and should make your ass look great. Not just for hipsters anymore, these shorts can be paired with a white short sleeve button up for a classic and clean look or a nice stripped button down with sleeves rolled. WARNING: if skinny jeans weren't good for you, these wont be much better. 

If you aren't ready to show that much leg, or your legs don't quite do the skinny or short short thing, then keep it simple. Keep your short above your knees in length, and you'll be on your way to a more fashionable you. 

For those that are really ready for a change and can pull it off, let your freak flag fly... experiment with fabric, pleats and colors (no patchwork). If it was in style from 1994-2007, keep it in the closet.

I hope this helps, Ross.    




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