Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dressing for the August Apocalypse

Chances are you’re reading this in the air conditioned comfort of your home or office, however, it wont be long before you will be forced to walk beneath the sweltering summer sun. And before you walk out the door, look in the mirror and ask yourself this, “Is my haute couture fuego friendly??”

Here are some cool tips that will help you survive the heat of an August Apocalypse while remaining fashion friendly:

#1: Come Hell or High Water
Let’s take what we’ve learned from the ghost of blog posts past and give your nerdy Khakis the Short Short/ Boat-Shoe treatment. Show off those ankles with a cropped or high-rolled hem. You’ll be cooler and transition to evening without a need to rush home and change.  *It may be too hot for socks, consider leaving them off (it’ll look better too).

"My favorite looks in the show were the first few school boy looks. Navy blazers and gray trousers shown with shirts and ties. The pants were rolled up slightly because of the collection's inspiration of the African heat, as if the British ex-pats had sent their kids to school in Kenya."—Madeline Weeks, GQ fashion director

#2: The Sky is Falling, So Wear a Hat

Boys, let your friendly Fedora provide some sweat-free swagger. Girls, top off that summer dress and let the shade follow you everywhere.

#3: Don’t Sweat it, You Aren’t Alone
Times up! now for your homework assignment. Grab a world map and draw a horizontal line across it, beginning with where you are living. These are the countries and culture that share a similar climate. Take note of how they handle the heat and make sure not to miss the fun fashion details…Everyone loves a citizen of the world.

#4: Is It All White?
You’ll either look cool and crisp in this light (and heat) reflecting non-color OR you’ll look like a wet t-shirt contestant from the Titanic, so be careful. Sometimes, that head-to-toe in white look (via Rachel) isn’t meant for the end of the world – not everyone’s a saint.
Boys, try some white pants. I know it may be a bit out of your comfort zone, it may be your first time, but who knows you may like it. If you’re going for a white top consider an undershirt. It may be an added layer, but sweat stains aren’t sexy on anyone -- even in hell. Girls, try combining Rachel's Sheer Genius look with her head-to-toe whites...you'll be turning heads for sure.

#5: No One Likes a Crybaby

…or a sweaty brow. Don’t get caught using your, or someone elses, sleeve to wipe away that slimy sweat as it trickles down your face. And if I see you grab for that cocktail napkin you better hope there's no tomorrow. If you are going to be outside for while, stay dry and civilized with this handy and fashionable tip: A cute bandana or proper hankie can make a fun accessory in a back pocket, tied around a bag handle or hidden in a purse. You’ll look stylish and prepared. How better to meet your maker?

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  1. I am going to invest in some handkerchiefs that might help me beat the sweat.

    Also, I want posts on the different looks along different latitude lines. I think that is a great idea.

  2. Cool post :)

    Your newest followers Michelle