Friday, July 15, 2011

Maximum Impact

Each year, I anxiously anticipate Paris Couture Week with abundant appreciation for designers' showcasing of their optimum creativity and talent in the form of sculptural drama, larger than life ensembles, and towering headpieces. After viewing the annual collections, I am always overcome with an incredible urge to emulate the over-the-top looks as an homage to fashion in its highest form of art. To recreate the aesthetic of couture, however, is an incredibly difficult goal to accomplish without being involuntarily committed to a nearby mental hospital or mistaken for the queen of avant garde, Lady Gaga. 

After rummaging through my closet and (yet again) revisiting this year's most fabulous couture looks, I discovered that floor length gowns along with their less formal cousin, the maxi dress, evoke a similar curiosity and appreciation from passers-by (without inciting looks of horror) as does an artistically formed couture masterpiece a la Karl Lagerfeld. This phenomenon is most certainly due to the effect such a length has on the perception of the height of the body in addition to the copious amount of fabric, flowing and unabashed, upon which there can be found repeating prints intent on mesmorizing those who become lost in its theme or a large work of art, beckoning more than just a glance to decipher its monumental form.

Cecile Love earrings, aziz maxi dress

Giambattista Valli Fall 2011 Couture
Angie Harmon

Valentino Fall 2011 Couture  
Nicole Richie   
Armani Prive Fall 2011 Couture 
Street Style via Sartorialist
Chanel Fall 2011 Couture


  1. Thanx for your nice comment. I love your blog and joining you both on your style expedition :)

  2. Love e look :)

    By the way about the post I will do it sometimes later when I gather enough photos to show you
    I can tell you that for vintage shops you can find lots of items at the big markets called namdaemoon and dongdaemoon etc. But I know the place called a land which is like Korean version of urban outfitters first and second floors new stuffs and basement all vintage. I saw some items and they were cute, it's at Myungdong.
    Mainly people here shop at eithher fast fashion brands like everyone else or department stores. All the street styles are influenced by the trends and no brand stuffs are pretty cool and in reasonable price too. For salons it depends on everyones style and preference so I can just give you some tips that if you like to spend money on hair thendefinitely you should get hair done in Kangnam areas, or Myungdong is the place where you can find everything cheaper in shopping food and leisure compared to other regions.
    I am in other city called Busan many times because of our house so if you want to visit the beach and take a look around sometimes, my friend's mom owns a vintage shop there too so you can take a look there and other areas as well.
    If you have more questions, feel frree to send me email or ask via comments.
    Are you coming here for works?